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What a better way to write a review then record it in diary form, so here goes!

Sunday 16th April


ERASURE DAY! Scream loudly in work as I clock off for the shift. Manager Jo looks at me as though I'm barmy. Mike takes me home

Ah but no. He stops off at a party to pick his brother up and we're there half an hour.

Home and I post some stuff to the forum.


I'm up again and I'm back on MODTL & EIS forums.

Head off to church

I'm home and start packing my stuff. Can't wait.

Whack a microwave Sunday Dinner on before Debs arrives.

Debs is stuck in traffic on M6. She'll be a while. Ring Chris & advise him.

Still no sign of Debs and I'm on email chatting to a Kylie fan called Elle planning on making an Erasure v Kylie remix.

Debs phones and she is lost in nearby Saltney. I direct her in the right way (I hope) and tell her she's no more than 15 minutes away.

Debs arrives and I give her a cup of tea and she rests after the first leg of her journey.

Off we go and we pick up Chris in Shotton

We're in Manchester and trying in vain to locate our hotel

Chris manages to direct us in the right direction and we find the hotel and park the car.

Off in a taxi to the Lowry

We can't find any fans in the Lime Bar so we just get a drink and I text Rhiannon to tell her where we are.

Rhiannon and her fiancee Rob meet us in the bar and she says she can't see anyone either. Rhi shows me her PINK smart car.

Us five head off to get a pizza from the Pizza Express and we dine in sharing Erasure tales, computer know how and talking about Smart Cars.

Thorsten from Germany spots us and gives us a load of paper aeroplanes to throw at the gig with 'Happy Easter Erasure' written on them.

I remember I didn't get Richey's number from the forum and I need to meet up with him to buy Chris's ticket. Fortunately Chris's phone is HTTP enabled and we manage to log in to the EIS and retrieve my PMs. I save his number into my phone

Rhiannon & Rob go into the venue to check out the merchandise whilst I phone Richey to tell him we're standing outside the doors. He says they are parking the car.

Rhiannon brings the merchandise out and her and Rob take it to their car. Richey meets up with us and I get Chris his ticket.

We head into the venue. The security man tells me that if any paper planes are fired then you would kicked out. Inside I meet up with some familar faces: Lou, Kerry, Ros & Debra. I buy a mug, programme and t-shirt. We then go upstairs to the bar and Chris & Debs stand on the balcony I sit inside and chat to some more familar faces - mOOger, Swanny, Kerri, Alan, Ewan (who I recognise this time), Andrew (erasure_fan1) and Ann. Alan and I chat about the EIS other things before an announcement comes over the speakers that Erasure are on stage in 10 minutes and photography is prohibited!

mOOger takes a paper plane and promises to give it to Andy as he is on the front row! We all take out seats.

Erasure come on and the flashes go off - obviously we can take photos so I get my decent camera out and start snapping away.

The gig ends with the classic 'A Little Respect' to which everybody gets up and dances! It's brilliant. Shame little people got up for the rest of the tracks.

Meet Greg outside and get a photo of him, Alan and John Marshall from Lincs FM. We have a massive group photo with Ros, Debra, mOOger, Ann, Thorsten & Debs.

Text from Rhiannon, they're at the stage door and ANDY & VINCE are there. Leg it around there sharp-ish

Get Vince to sign 'Union Street' and he poses for a photo with me. Got a photo of me & Andy at eis 04 so leave others to get their pic with him.

Rob got his t-shirt signed for Rhiannon and we all meet up and chat again!

Before Vince goes back in I say baby Oscar is a little cutie and he thanks me.

One last group photo with Thorsten, Debs, me and Rhi before Rhi & Rob head off.

Greg appears again and he chats to me about the pain of re-doing the releases section of the EIS. "I'm leaving it for now!" he laughs.

Our taxi arrives we head back to our hotel.

Have a drink in the bar with Chris & Debs.

Kylie comes on the TV and I sing along to 'Spinning Around'

We look at my photos and two blokes chat to us. They ask why we didn't see the support act of 'Simple Kid' because they love him!

Off to the room and we sit up chatting for hours.


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